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Whatever stage of life women are in, they will have to face difficult financial choices. The Women's Collection is here to help make those choices less difficult. By joining our community, for free, women gain access to an exclusive suite of tools and solutions that will guide them towards the financial future they desire.

The Women’s Collection develops content that educates women on how to wisely make financial decisions that are right for them and their families. The program offers online and offline educational learning programs; combined with events and additional information sources to support women in building their confidence.



Topical and life event focused financial education that prepares women to effectively manage all aspects of their financial health.



Connecting and supporting women as they endeavour to attain financial strength and independence.



An investment platform designed specifically for women which will give them the tools they need to put their learnings into action.


You are an organization that understands that by becoming a trusted advocate and educator of women, there is an opportunity to advance financial literacy and gender equality and unlock future economic and social prosperity.


You also know that tailored marketing and engagement campaigns lead to heightened brand loyalty. By targeting this group of influential and purposeful female investors, your company will be a preferred partner for this powerful demographic.


This is a unique opportunity to market your brand with a multi-media, multiformat content distribution platform. Our sponsorships are partnerships and brand collaborations. We work with a select group of companies that share our values and mission to help women unlock their financial futures.

This approach lets us work closely with our partners to create unique experiences that engage our audiences and capture their imagination.

WE do things differently...

When people hear the word Sponsorships, they automatically think about a table with different levels and costs. That's not a partnership!

We need to first discuss:

a) Who is your target audience?

b) How do you normally engage in sponsorship?

c) What does your target market value?

d) What are your goals?

We want to work with you and customize a program for your organization, your employees and your clients.

why get involved?


The data speaks

for itself!

There are a number of studies and research papers and articles that clearly demonstrate the importance women play with regards to the overall Wealth in North America. But there are a number of business benefits as well:

  • Showcase your corporate support for gender equality and inclusion initiaitves

  • Support women in advancing their financial knowledge and unlock their ability to take action in providing for themselves and their families

  • Enhance community outreach and recruitment

  • Gain visibility for your leaders and brand

  • Reach a targeted demographic who influence 85% of the buying decisions

a few ideas to get you started!

  • Social media partnership - content, advertising, live chats, etc.

  • Partner on the number of eBooks we send out that gain over 200,000+ impressions.

  • Content partnership - develop content together, or we curate for you and market to your intended audience. Content can include articles and blog posts, educational videos and modules, including our upcoming Master Class Series, Podcasts and much more.

  • Events and financial literacy boot-camps and workshops

  • Various logo placement opportunities to show your support

  • Financial advisor focused content and marketing

  • Employee focused financial wellness content and marketing

We would be pleased to discuss any ideas you may have, or perhaps a combination of ideas to build you a truly customized partnership program.

Please have a look at our other Business Solutions also available for your consideration.

let's discuss

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