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Whatever stage of life you are in, you will have to face difficult financial choices. The Women's Collection is here to help you make those choices less difficult. By joining our community, for free, you will gain access to an exclusive suite of tools and solutions that will guide you towards the financial future you desire.

The Women’s Collection develops content that educates women on how to wisely make financial decisions that are right for them and their families. The program offers online and offline educational learning programs; combined with events and additional information sources to support women in building their confidence.


Topical and life event focused financial education that prepares women to effectively manage all aspects of their financial health.


Connecting and supporting women as they endeavour to attain financial strength and independence.


An investment platform designed specifically for women which will give them the tools they need to put their learnings into action.

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The Women’s Collection provides financial education. The information on this site is for educational purposes only and may not be pertinent to your individual situation. Any decisions you make about money are your own. Please see a financial advisor if you want professional help with your finances. The Women’s Collection is not an investment advisor, broker-dealer or insurance company.